Zhuhai Opera Hall

Zhuhai Opera Hall

Last week was Chinese new year. All of China goes on holiday. I took the opportunity to head off to the south of China to get a little winter sun. I have been to Guangdong province several times in winter. Guangdong is right in the south of China next to Hong Kong. The biggest city in Guangdong is Guangzhou, which I went to last year. Guangzhou used to be better known as Canton, giving us the word Cantonese. This year, I went to the neighbouring city of Zhuhai

Zhuhai is a new city. It was founded in 1980 as a special economic zone, the second such zone in the newly opened up China. Its position, right next to the Portuguese colony of Macau and near the British colony of Hong Kong, was intended to boost international trade in mainland China.

The Opera Hall pictured here was just opened to the public with the fist performance in December 2016. The building costs 2 billion RMB ($292 million) and took six years to complete. The design represents a pair of sea shells. The main concert hall seats 1550 and a second smaller hall has a capacity for 500 people. At night, the hall is illuminated with a spectacular animated light show.

Two Million Views

This week, my Flickr photo stats say I’ve now been viewed just over 2 million times. I have been using Flickr to store my photos since 2008. Typically, Flickr is where I upload my photos first. It is essentially my backup space. I don’t usually work on the photos before uploading them there so all the shots are just raw as they came off the camera.

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